Desember 11, 2008

Mujahideen in Ghalghaycho Clarify Targets for Their Attacks

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Mujahideen of Wilayah Ghalghaycho have issued a statement clarifying targets for their attacks. “Statement by the Command of the Armed Forces of Wilayah Ghalghaycho of the Emirate of Caucasus” was posted Tuesday on web-site, on behalf of the Informational-analytical department of the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Wilayah Ghalghaycho of the Emirate of Caucasus. We publish the translation in an abridged form.

“Incidents when population is intimidated became more frequent in the territory of Wilayah Ghalghaycho recently. Leaflets on behalf of Mujahideen of the Emirate of Caucasus with demands to stop activity or bring it in line with the Sharia are left at food stalls, cafés, hairdressers’ shops, food shops. Moreover, even small merchants selling personal hygiene products face such demands.

We face a complicated task of strengthening positions of the legitimate Islamic authority of the Emirate of Caucasus, adjusting all its mechanisms till they function properly, unconditional execution of a will proclaimed by our ruler in all territory of the Emirate, and many others.

To achieve these goals we must not scatter our efforts, we need to concentrate on main directions and problems on the path to Sharia, and they are, in the first place:

1. Full liberation of the Emirate of Caucasus from presence of military, police and any other structural divisions and officials of a kafir regime, regardless of its national belonging.
2. Organizing the Islamic education (Da’wah) among the population of the Emirate.
3. Social protection of Muslims (families of martyrs in the first place).
4. Fight against spreading of alcohol and narcotics.
5. Fight against debauchery, in all its manifestations (prostitution, gambling business).

In this connection, Informational-analytical department of the headquarters of the armed forces of Wilayah Ghalghaycho of the Emirate of Caucasus officially declares that at this moment subjects to our attacks are exclusively:

– persons who physically hinder spreading of Islam and establishment of Sharia, or actively calling others to do it;
– persons benefiting from alcohol trade and narcotics dealing;
– persons benefiting from debauchery (prostitution, gambling).

Accordingly, any property used by foregoing persons for carrying our their activity and/or belonging to them, becomes object for our attacks.

Attacks on objects not mentioned above, but carried out on behalf of official structures of the Emirate of Caucasus, are carried out by persons who have nothing to do with the Mujahideen. Units of the Mukhabarat are ordered to identify persons involved in it and apply appropriate measures to them.

If the situation will change so that there will be need to add anything to this list, we will first officially call those who are involved in criminal activity to stop it, and will notify the population of the Wilayah about it. And only then we will turn to active actions.”


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